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Adrianna Webster

Adrianna's yoga journey began in 2007 when severe food allergies left her body weak and her mind exhausted. After taking a beginners yoga series with a local studio in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia, she suddenly realised, here was a practice that spoke to her body and soul. Regular practice not only strengthened her body, but reduced her stress and anxiety, and helped her develop new physical confidence.

In 2014, she and her sweetheart moved from Australia to San Francisco. Here, she has had the opportunity to deepen her practice by studying at Yoga Garden San Francisco with Laurie Sleep, Stacey Swan, Brooke Stokes, Jean Mazzei, Sean Feit, Karen Macklin, Cora Wen and Jon Isaacs; and recently started studying towards her 300 HR with the Yoga Well Institute under Chase Bossart.

Her teaching style is kind, funny and light-hearted with a focus on Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Flow. She has great respect for each person’s individual body and is passionate about enabling her students to find their inner yogi, strength and humour. Her teaching focuses on building long-term physical strength, learning kindness towards your own body, and having fun while hanging out upside-down in down dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)