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April Taylor

Movement, breath and flow are three things that inspire April C. Taylor. A Bay
Area transplant from Los Angeles she graduated from Mills College with a BA in
Women's Studies and Dance. A performing and ritual artist, as well as a trained
actor/singer/dancer, April has been performing her entire life and working in a
variety of artistic areas.
Her passion for the expressive arts, and education have led her to teach children
and adults for the past twelve years at Bay Area schools and studios. The focus
of her teaching is Dance For All, a program she is developing that emphasizes
awareness, acceptance and expression for all bodies and all ages.
A graduate of CIIS's Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certification program, April
is adding the magik of sound to her love of teaching. A life-long yoga practitioner,
she recently completed her certification through “It’s Yoga, Kids” in San Francisco
and has been teaching yoga classes to children and families in the Bay Area and
West Coast festivals.