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Deep Grounding & Relaxation Restorative Yoga

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April 2 Sunday 3-5pm $35  Get Off The Tech Grid - A restorative class is a great way to get off the media, technology, overly scheduled lifestyle and take a breathe so we can recenter and gently remember how to live in the moment and appreciate the body.

When we slow down and go within we help stabilize the nervous system, calm the mind and soften tension and holding in the body. When we make the choice to relax, we are giving ourselves a chance to reset the nerves and create spaciousness for emotions and bound energies to shift and release. We breathe easier and through that spaciousness we open the doors to our deeper knowing and intuition.

Reactive living, adrenaline as a lifestyle, survival mind, never enough time can make us feel constricted. We may lose touch with ourselves, our bodies, and our deeper desires. Often the answer is not to speed up - by choosing to slow down we allow our magnetic, intuitive self to be more accessible and open the inner magic to have space for expression.

Seek Stability - When we are stable, grounded, centered, present our attention is focused, our life has it's normal flow of ups and downs and within that, we can do our best to maintain balance, be resilient and create more calm rootedness inside.

Create Self-Nurturance - By allowing openings, time to listen to the body and be without an agenda, without the need to push, being gentle and soft on ourselves creates a sense of ease in the body.

Seek Inside - When we slow, the body unwinds and we can listen to our innate wisdom and be receptive to our deeper self.

Sunday April 2nd 3:00 - 5:00PM PST

 Early Bird before 3/28  $35  after $40 

Class size limited to ensure individual attention. Sign up today. 
For more information on Mary and her offerings visit www.maryspicer.com 
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